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(1) The Bayou Beer Society, Inc. is an independent, community-based not for profit organization formed for educational purposes and in furtherance of that goal shall:

a. Design, construct, and implement the Bayou Beer Festival. The Festival will be designed to preserve, educate, and stimulate interest in local and regional zymology and culinary arts and science.

b. The Bayou Beer Society, Inc. is committed to providing this region with educational sources in the areas of zymology and culinary arts and science, associated technology, develop public interest in the preservation of historical and cultural techniques and recipes, promote health and human development, reduced human suffering and lessen burdens on government.

2) To do all other things necessary or appropriate to accomplish the stated objectives and purposes of the corporation. The Bayou Beer Society shall seek broad public financial support through donations and event admissions. The Society may host up to five educational events per calendar year with primary effort placed on the annual Bayou Beer Festival event.

The Bayou Beer Festival

The Bayou Beer Festival is held annually in November at Southdown Plantation and Museum in Houma LA. The festival is organized by the Bayou Beer Society, Inc. a Louisiana Non- Profit Corporation. The Festival is staffed by ninety volunteers form eight surrounding parishes. The festival features over 150 craft ales and lagers (beer) and eleven Louisiana breweries. The Festival drew over eight hundred participants to Houma in the inaugural year (2013).


Festival participants were exposed to and educated on local and regional recipes and techniques specific to the bayou regions of Louisiana.  Education included responsible use, history, chemistry and processes, tasting of individual ingredients, effects of ingredients on finished products, samples of finished products, serving, styles, colors and bitterness units. On an ongoing basis the Society plans to host educational events throughout the year with the goal of developing a strong regional foundation of home brewers.

Developing local tourism.

The 2013 Inaugural Bayou Beer Festival drew over eight hundred total participants into Houma. An estimated four hundred visitors were from out of town resulting in an estimated eighty overnight stays. Out of town visitors ranged from surrounding states of Mississippi and Texas to visitors from as far away as the San Diego CA, Anchorage AK and international visitors from the UK and Japan.  Extensive out of town and out of state visits to festival web site for information occurred. Indications are subsequent festivals will grow in attendance.

Two thousand five hundred pictures were posted to Festival Face Book page showing visitors having fun in Houma. The Festival web site www.bayoubeerfest.com had 6049 total visitors, 4427 unique visitors, and 19,967 page views and encouraged visitors to come to Houma, LA to experience the Bayou Beer Festival.

The Festival leveraged +20,000 Brewery Social Media Contacts, Bayou Beer Society Blog, and Nora’s Beer Blog (New Orleans)

Reducing human suffering and lessening burdens on government. 

The Bayou Beer Festival raised Five Thousand Dollars ($5,000.00) for the Tri-Parish Veteran’s Shelter, Houma LA. The Tri Parish Veteran’s Shelter is staffed and operated by volunteers from the Disabled American Veterans Bayou Chapter #9, Houma, LA. The shelter offers temporary lodging, food, assistance in applying for VA benefits, basic transportation and job search assistance. Originally opened as a homeless veteran transition facility in May of 2013 the shelter has aided 33 homeless veterans find work, housing and dignity. The shelter is supported solely by donations from businesses and individuals. The Bayou Beer Society supported the efforts and compassion of the Tri-Parish Veteran’s Shelter with a $5000 donation from the proceeds of the 2013 Bayou Beer Festival.

In addition and at the discretion of the board of directors, the Bayou Beer Society may donate to the Louisiana Military Family Assistance Fund. MFA was established in 2005 to help members of Louisiana National Guard and Louisiana Military Reserves and their families address financial hardships they may encounter when they are placed on active-duty status. MFA can pay for a variety of items for those who qualify, such as food, housing, medical expenses, auto repair, and more. MFA is funded by private donations from individuals and corporations. MFA can pay up to $10,000 for one claim per active-duty order in a twelve (12) month period.

Board Officers and Duties



Joel A. Ohmer

Homebrewer, Beer Enthusiast, Blogger, WWI Flying Ace

Joel is head of Marketing for Cannata’s Family Markets and Graphic Artist who blogs about beer at www.bayoubeersociety.org. He is a Home Brewer, frustrated golfer, dabbles as a woodworker and is Cicerone® Program Certified Beer Server. His lovely wife, Michelle, puts up with him quite well and feels his influence on their four kids is minimally destructive. Prost!

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  2. Thanks so much, Kevin! We’re looking forward to trying out a bottle tap!

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