Beer of the Week – Beck’s Sapphire

Have i told you about Petunia?


No … not THIS Petunia

She’s one heck of a girl, that Petunia. I met her on Friday evening, December 28. She didn’t make much of an impression that night, but the next day … what a girl! She knew the way to a man’s heart – yup, my stomach. Petunia weighed only about 55 lbs. or so, but she was worth her weight in gold. Seasoned and skewered, just the smell of her was intoxicating. I have to say, the more I looked at her, the more I liked her.

Mike, our master chef and his kin knew exactly what they were doing, and Jim’s Cracklins were a most welcome side dish – as was his Black IPA and Light American Ale homebrews. Jim’s brews NEVER disappoint, and once he introduced the newbies to mixing the two, the 10 gallons were gone quickly. If only I had the presence of mind to photograph some shots of Jim’s brews. But, back to Petunia …

Didn't I TELL YOU she was beautiful?

Didn’t I TELL YOU she was beautiful?

Yes, as Petunia roasted to perfection, I decided to try out Beck’s latest offering, Beck’s Sapphire. It’s a pilsner and draws its name from the German Sapphire (Sapfir) hops it uses. In an interesting twist, the bottle is black – an interesting twist from the green bottles they have used for decades. The beer adheres to Germany’s purity law, using the only allowable 4 ingredients.

Cracklins and beer? Why yes, please.

Cracklins and beer? Why yes, please.

It poured a beautiful clear gold and the nose was grainy – slightly hoppy with pepper spiciness and hints of lemon zest – and very little head and a wee bit of lacing. Tastewise, I got a roasted grain with notes of citrus and spicy hoppiness. I thought I got a hint of cocoa on each sip’s finish. Not much in the way of mouthfeel, but many pilsners don’t. It’s downfall may be the corn/adjunct notes in the nose and flavor … but those who primarily drink American lagers will find this right up their alley. I will be trying it again come Spring when the warm weather returns, as I think the citrus notes will be welcome after a day of yard work.






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