Beer of the Week – New Belgium Fat Tire

This one has been on my watch list since the summer of 2006, when I first discovered it in Kansas City area “Flying Saucer.” Having been there on business, I was a budding craft beer neophyte who wanted to try something … well, different. My craft beer experience consisted solely of Louisiana offerings such as Abita Amber, so when the server asked what I fancied, I explained that my beer prowess was nil and I enjoyed Abita Amber. “Let me bring you a Fat Tire,” she said, and whisked away without a moment’s hesitation.

“Fat Tire” I said to myself … “OK, if you say so.” 

"Pleasantly Plump" or "Portly" Tire would be more politically correct.

“Pleasantly Plump” or “Portly” Tire would be more politically correct.

Yes, THIS was the beer that lit my fire. This was the beer that opened my eyes. (With all due respect to Abita Amber) This was the beer that made me seek out the different and flavorful. Brewed by New Belgium in Colorado, this one is a real treat. Don’t miss the chance to try it.

New Belgium has recently debuted in Louisiana, bringing in five different brews (with more to follow this Summer) including Ranger IPA, Sunshine Wheat, Trippel (a tripel, surprise right?), and their pale lager Shift. More on those to come in the following weeks.



To call this brew amber is a bit of a slight: it’s a gorgeous deep copper/gold and really benefits from being poured into a glass (or mason jar, or jelly jar, just find something CLEAR. Trust me.) It will leave gorgeous lines of lacing as you imbibe.

Biscuity and sweet malts greet your nose. The flavor? Biscuity, malty, bready … with nary a HINT of hops (at 18.5 IBUs, that’s not a surprise). This is really good beer, guys. Generously carbonated, with a smooth (dare I buttery?) finish … it is remarkably drinkable.

Perhaps I’m a bit biased, and I certainly welcome your thoughts, but I give this one a 5/5. It’s that good, in my humble opinion.


Joel is a local beer enthusiast, home brewer, member of the American Homebrewers Association®, The Louisiana Craft Brewers Guild and is a Cicerone® Program Certified Beer Server

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