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The craft beer industry as a whole has seen tremendous growth in the last decade.  Craft beer was previously tough to find and not a big seller.  Now you seen store shelves stocked with as much craft beer if not more than traditional light styles like Bud, Miller and Coors.  The interest into craft beer is growing both in the United States and throughout the world.  The students and professors at the Hospitality Program at Kendall College both agreed that craft beer is something they were both interested in learning more about.  The result of this curiosity resulted in an in-depth study into the craft beer industry that also resulted in a wonderful infographic that can be seen here.  This study looked at many aspects of the craft beer industry including the growth of the industry as a whole, jobs within the industry, food pairings that paired well with craft beer styles, the diversity of craft beer styles and also consumers opinions on craft beer.  Some highlights of their findings include:


  • The sales of craft beer in 2007 amounted to 5.7 billion.  By 2012 that number doubled to just over 12 billion.  Industry experts believe that number will triple to nearly 40 billion by 2017.  That is some extremely impressive growth numbers over a short period of time.  Very good news for the craft beer industry.
  • Craft brewers and brewpubs provide 103,585 jobs in the United States alone.  The craft beer industry actually saw growth during the recession and opposed to many other industries that were negatively affected.
  • Craft beer and food go extremely well together.  Different styles pair better with different foods than others. If you like drinking Saison beers, try pairing it with a light food like a salad.  If you are more into darker beers like Brown ales, try pairing it with grilled cheese or other warm sandwiches.
  • 36% of all consumers drink craft beer.  That number has risen dramatically in the past decade when light beer drinking dominated the market.
  • 45% of consumers would try more craft beer if they knew more about them.  This shows it’s important for craft beer makers to market their product effectively into markets while also educating their consumers.

Joel is a local beer enthusiast, home brewer, member of the American Homebrewers Association®, The Louisiana Craft Brewers Guild and is a Cicerone® Program Certified Beer Server

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