Six Pack of questions with Parish Brewing’s Andrew Godley

Six pack of questions for Andrew Godley of Parish Brewing:

1) I’ve heard your background is in engineering. How did you end up becoming a brewmaster?
I was an LSU degreed Chemical Engineer and worked as one for 10 years before opening the brewery. I decided to start the brewery while getting my MBA and realized that being successful in business isn’t always about how smart you are or how much money you have but rather how hard you work and how tenacious you are. I saw the need for locally produced beer and got tired of the corporate lifestyle and the rest is history.
2)Ghost in the Machine has been called the best beer in Louisiana. What is your reaction to all the positive feedback?
We’re flattered and glad that folks appreciate what we are trying to do with our beers. We are addicted to the positive feedback and it makes us try hard to make every beer as perfect as we know how to make it, even if that means tweaking the recipe or trying something new. Maybe that’s a reflection of me and my competitive nature. We will admit we are still young and not 5th generation brewmasters with PhDs in brewing science but we are going to try harder than anyone else and always work to make the beers the best possible beer we know how to make. Also, the positive feedback tells us we need to brew more Ghost so that’s the plan!
3) Do you think the IPA bubble will bust soon? If so, what’s the “next big thing” in craft beer?
No, I don’t think the IPA bubble will burst soon. But at some point the supply of good hoppy beers will meet demand and then there will be another type of beer that isn’t meeting demand and it will become the “hot” item. That will probably be sours or wild ales since they are really hard and time consuming to make and the quantity produced will not meet the growing demand for them anytime soon.

4) What advice to you have for the aspiring home brewer?
Home brewing is a wonderful thing and I encourage everyone even thinking about it to give it a shot and don’t be afraid of the seemingly complicated process. The best beer anyone will every taste will be when they try their first home brewed beer! I always recommend folks read John Palmer’s “How to Brew”. It was the first book I read before brewing my first batch in the garage and it came out perfectly delicious, it was an extra pale ale brewed with Cascade hops.
5) Are you working on any new brews right now?
We aren’t working on any new recipes now but we do have a few new beers coming out soon like the Bourbon Barrel Aged Grand Reserve vintage 2014 which we will sell alongside the 2015 regular Grand Reserve later this year.

6) Where do you see the Louisiana craft beer scene in 5 years?
The market share of craft beer here in LA will continue to grow for the foreseeable future. It’s the natural state of things to have more diverse selection of beer products rather than less. Its a great time to be brewing (and drinking) locally brewed beer in Louisiana!
Parish Brewing - Broussard, LA

Joel is a local beer enthusiast, home brewer, member of the American Homebrewers Association®, The Louisiana Craft Brewers Guild and is a Cicerone® Program Certified Beer Server

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