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Beer Gadgets: Bottle Tap Bottle Opener

Lately, I always seem to be without a bottle opener while out and about. I had common “church key” opener on my keychain for a while, but it always seemed to snag my pocket or shirt. Some like to use

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Crack open a cold one with Brewsees

One would think that having a bottle opener on a keychain was enough, but in this day and age it’s not unheard of to have one built into clothing, phone cases and – yes, even sunglasses. Brewsees Eyewear ($29) gives you the

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A Pint That Fits In Your Pocket

Finished that 3 mile hike, and ready for a cold beer? What, you didn’t lug a heavy, clunky cooler with you? No problem! Pat Tatera of Pat’s Backcountry Beverages has developed a process to brew beer concentrate – just add

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Léaf Opener: The minimalist tool – Bayou Beer Society

Down here we call it Pop-A-Toppin’. It’s something all beer lovers love to do. Some like a traditional bottle opener like a church key while others like something more unique. Looking for something simple and elegant? Checkout the Léaf Opener, a

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